Monday, November 22, 2021

Liturgy for Advent 2021

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer
We light candles, we turn on coloured lights,
we remind ourselves that the Light of the World is about to be born

In this season of preparation
we pause from the shopping and baking, we step away from the busy-ness
and we gather our hearts for worship
seeking to be reminded of the hope to be found in the midst of the season.
God has called us to this time of worship and so we pray...
(prayer appropriate for that week follows)

The candle of ________ shines brightly in our worship space
The promise of ______ shines brightly in our hearts.
Go from this time of worship to carry _____ to all you meet
We go out with hearts made lighter by the promise of a baby to be born
with dreams of a world that will be changed
with souls singing praises for the God who is active around, within, among us.
Go with God, who promises new life and new hope, who is made known as Parent, as Child, as Holy Spirit
Alleluia! Amen!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Advent Candles 2021 (working with Year W of the Women's Lectionary)

November 28 – Advent 1 – Hope
1: Hagar was a slave girl, a person of no status and God heard her cries.
2: Mary was a poor peasant girl and God asked her to do something amazing.
1: Both were told they would have a baby.
2: Neither of them were promised an easy life.
1: Both trusted that the Living God was with them and that gave them hope.
2: Babies bring work, and worry, and they also bring hope. So Congratulations to Hagar and Mary. They will have babies!

1: We light a Candle to keep the spark of Hope shining in our lives.

 December 5 – Advent 2 – Peace
2: With this spark we remember the presence of Hope in our lives (relight 1st candle)
1: Sometimes things seem impossible.
2: Like a baby for old Abraham and Sarah, or maybe that we will have peace on earth
1: But then God surprises us and makes it happen.
2: It sounds ridiculous, it makes us laugh to think about
1: But God, She who Speaks Life, is active around us.
2: We will trust Her words, we will allow ourselves to be surprised by a baby, and by peace.

1: We light a Candle to keep the spark of Peace shining in our lives.

December 12 – Advent 3 – Joy
2: With this spark we remember the presence of Hope and Peace in our lives (relight 1st and 2nd candle)
1: While we wait for a baby we have so many questions
2: Who will he be? What will she do? How will they make a difference?
1: Samson’s mother was given a promise, Mary was given a song.
2: The babies they would have would free their people, they would change the world
1: Freedom! Deliverance! Those promises make the world better. They bring Joy!
2: The Holy One of Old is at work here. Joy to the world!

1: We light a Candle to keep the spark of Joy shining in our lives.

December 19 – Advent 4 – Love
2: With this spark we remember the presence of Hope, Peace and Joy in our lives (relight 3 candles)
1: The Creator of All loves the world
2: She will never leave us alone.
1: The Gracious One is changing the world
2: One day at a time, one person at a time.
1: A baby is going to be born, a baby who will turn the world upside down
2: God is with us. God loves us. We wait for the baby

1: We light a Candle to keep the spark of Love shining in our lives.

Monday, November 1, 2021

For November 7, 2021 -- Proper 27B

Gathered in person, gathered on-line, connected by technology, by community, by love
we open our hearts, our minds, our souls, our very selves to God’s presence.
Pausing from the busy-ness of life, we begin our time of worship.
As we sing and pray and listen, as we break bread together,
May the Peace of Christ be with you!
And also with you!

Ever-present God, the One who gives us life,
you have called us together today.
In this time of song, of prayer, of a shared meal,
speak to our hearts, touch our minds, refresh our souls.
In a world where we often wonder what we have to give,
open our eyes to see what we have to share,
open our arms to embrace our neighbours near and far,
open our hearts to let love overflow into the world.

We pray in Jesus’ name.

God, we hear you calling us to assist in the mending of the world.
And we really want to. But sometimes we are not sure what we can do to help.
You call us to share the abundant gifts you have placed in our lives.
And we are not sure that our mite is big enough to make a difference.
You ask, but do not demand, that we find a way to participate in the Kingdom of hope, peace, joy, and love, the Reign of Shalom.
Help us respond to your invitation, help us to feel your grace at work in our lives, help us to pass that grace and love on to the world around us.
God is Gracious and invitational. God invites us to offer what we have, big or small, to the service of God’s Reign. Whether the gift is ostentatiously large or two small copper coins, the power is in the giving, in the sharing of love.
May we be empowered to respond to God’s grace-filled invitation. Amen.

We have sung, we have prayed, we have broken bread together.
Now we continue to live and serve as followers of Christ.
In a world where the needs are so many, we may wonder what we have to give.
We pledge to share what we can, big gifts or two small copper coins.
As you go to share the love of God, trust that you are never alone.
May God be with you as you live, as you love, as you serve, and as you share.

Monday, October 11, 2021

For October 17, 2021 -- Proper 24B

May the Peace of Christ be with you!
And also with you!
As a new week begins, we have been invited to gather together.
In person and at a distance we open ourselves to God’s presence.
Come, now is the time for worship, for prayer, for growing as followers of Christ

God you call us to love and serve each other.
We gather together in body and in spirit to grow in our ability to do just that.
Gathered here in this physical space and linked by wires and bits and bytes,
we pledge ourselves anew to be servant leaders.
In this time of prayer and song and listening,
open our eyes and our hearts to the realities of power in the Realm of Shalom.
We pray in the name of the Prince of Peace, who leads us to that realm,

and who encourages us to pray saying...

God, if we are honest, we often get caught by the promise of status.
Asking for special places at the table of life, feeling entitled to special treatment or privileges.
The draw of power and authority is potent,
tempting us to seek power over others, or at the expense of our neighbours.
But you call us to a different way of being,
power based on servanthood, where the last are the first and the greatest are the least.
For those days we fall victim to the siren song of power and privilege, status and specialness,
forgive our misunderstandings, lead us into new ways of seeing the world, we pray.
...time of silent prayer...
Through grace God opens the door to new opportunities. With mercy God gives us the chance to set aside our old understandings and learn new ways of being. Our mis-steps and poor choices are forgiven as we are given a chance to live into a new world.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

We have been called to love and serve in the world around us.
We go out to do just that, to provide leadership as we serve our neighbours.
As you go out into the world, carry with you God’s love for the world.
We pledge to share that love in our words, in our deeds, in how we serve our neighbours
Go secure in the knowledge that God, who models servant leadership in the life of Jesus Christ, is with you every where and every day.
We trust in God. Amen

Monday, September 27, 2021

For October 3, 2021, Worldwide Communion, Proper22B (Focusing on Job)

May the Peace of Christ be with you!
And also with you!
The God who invites us to the table,
The God who speaks to our hearts
The God who challenges and comforts us
Invites us to gather together for worship, for prayer, for renewal.
Come, now is the time to worship...

God of life and love,
we open our hearts and souls, our very beings, to your presence.
God made known in the love of family and friends,
renew our hearts, renew our capacity to love our friends and neighbours, families and enemies.
God who invites us to and serves us at the table of faith,
as we sing and pray and eat together, move in us, renew our vision of what the world could be.
God who promises that we are never alone,
when our time of worship concludes lead us back into the world to share the promise of love and hope and Shalom.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the Christ, who shows us the path of Kingdom living.

God, when we are honest there are a lot of things we don’t really understand.
So help us, please.
We want life to be fair, for people to deserve what they get.
But so often that is not the reality.
Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people.
And we don’t think that is fair – especially when bad things happen to us.

We want to believe there is a plan, a reason and a logic to life.
But the plan is hard to understand, the logic hard to see at times.
Random chance and coincidence seem to shape so many things.
And so we lament, we fret, we get angry.

God of Grace, God of Presence, hear our prayers,
our laments, our confusion, our anger
...time of silent prayer...
When life seems neat and orderly God is there. When life seems random and unfair God is there. God is there to offer love and comfort, support and strength. With Grace God absorbs our tears and rage and bewilderment, then leads us onward into another day.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

As our time of worship closes,
our time of service continues.
The world around us sometimes seems unfair,
and still we choose to love and serve each other
still we choose to be faithful, to trust in God
still we choose to be who Christ calls us to be, people of Shalom, citizens of God’s Country.

Go out to love and serve in the name of God made known as Parent, as Child, and as Holy Spirit
Go to love and serve trusting that you are never alone, for God is with you.
Thanks be to God! Amen


Monday, September 13, 2021


Here in this place of worship we gather in the name of God the Creator, the Redeemer and Sustainer.
Here we dedicate this Audio Visual equipment to the service of God.
Let us pray:
Source of Life, you call us to be the church.
A community of faith where all are welcome to celebrate your presence, a community which gathers together to grow
stronger, to love each other.
Source of hope, you call us to be the church.
A community of different abilities and needs. A community that strives to serve each other as best we can.
God present in this place, and in our homes, and in the bits and bytes of our digital world.
You have gifted humanity with technology that helps us connect, that helps us care, that helps us be the church.
We give thanks for the gifts of many who have made this part of your Body what it is. We give thanks for the vision of hope that keeps this community of faith moving into an uncertain future.
May this equipment which both enhances our experience in this building and allows us to expand our gathering out into the world help us be the church. May we have the wisdom and the courage to use all the tools you have given us in ways both traditional and innovative so that we can share your promise of hope, of love, of a world renewed.
In Christ’s name w
e dedicate this, and all the tools of our worship life, to your service, God who brings us together.

PRAYER FOR AND ASSURANCE OF GRACE for September 19, 2021(reading from Proper 19B)

God you wash the scales from our eyes and ask us what we can see.
Some things we see clearly, some things remain fuzzy.
You put Jesus in front of us and you ask what we can see.
We see hope, we see love, we see what we want to see.
God help us to see the world around us clearly.
Open our eyes that we would see those glimpses of truth that pop up in daily life.
God help us to see Jesus more clearly.
The hope and the promise and the call to service and sacrificial love.
God for those times we prefer to see things dimly, for the time we refuse to see things clearly.
Forgive us, keep washing away the scales, keep prying our eyes open.
God of grace, in grace help us see clearly, help us see you active in Jesus Christ, help us see that there is always another chance for full restoration and healing.