Friday, April 11, 2008

For May 11, 2008 -- Pentecost Sunday

The Spirit is here among us
Within us, around us, between us.
The Spirit is here to strengthen us
Bringing courage, bringing conviction
The Spirit is here to move us
Making us sing and praise.
The Spirit is here.
May we feel the Spirit as we gather.
May we be fed by her fiery strength.
May we be emboldened by her powerful wind
We gather in the Spirit's arms to be nurtured as we worship.
And may our worship fill us with the Spirit as we go back out into our daily lives.

Spirit God, we come into your presence with awe and wonder, praying that we would be touched with your power.
In this time of worship remind us of your constant presence, your gentle guidance, your hope for the world.
As we remember those of old who were moved into speech by the Spirit, so too may we find our voice to be prophetic witnesses in the world today.
Remind us that we can all speak Spirit-language, that we too can burn with the fire of hope. Amen.

Offering Prayer
God, as the Spirit moves within and around us we are moved in response. Part of that response is to offer these gifts of time, talent, and treasure. May the gifts and the givers be ways your love and hope is spread. Amen.

God, we aren’t sure what to do with the prophetic voices in our world.
We laugh them off, deciding they are drunk or deranged.
The power of the Spirit is unfamiliar and unnerving,
which is why we often prefer to avoid the wind and fire of Spirit-change.
…time of silent prayer…
The Spirit blows into our lives as either a gentle breeze or a roaring wind. With the wind comes forgiveness and empowerment, igniting the fire of hope and possibility in our lives.
We are forgiven. Hallelujah! Amen.

Here we have gathered,
Here we have been fed.
Here we have invited the wind and fire into our lives
Now we go out to be windy firebrands in the world
Blowing with the energy of change, hot with the fire of hope.
We go out Spirit-led and Spirit-touched, to be people of the Spirit.
And as you go take courage and confidence in the knowledge that the Spirit of God moves in, around, and with us always. Spirit God is your strength and your sustenance.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

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