Monday, January 20, 2020

Prayer FOr and ASsurance of Grace for JAnuary 26, 202 -- Epiphany 3A

God of Grace, in Jesus of Nazareth you meet us face to face.
And then you invite us to follow a different path.
God of Grace, you see us, you know us, our strengths, our weaknesses, our shortcomings.
And still you invite us to join in the re-creation of the world.
God of Grace, we try to respond to the invitation, to join in the task
And sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it fails.
God of Grace, forgive our mis-steps, lead us on the new path, guide us in the task.
And our life will never be the same again.
In Christ God offers us New Life and Good News. We are forgiven and invited to live as citizens of the Kingdom.
With praise and thanks we share the Good News. And our life will never be the same again. Amen

Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Prayer (2019)

Story-telling God, tonight we gathered together to tell the old old story.

Tonight we listen for angels and shepherds and a baby’s cry.

Tonight we look to the old story and ask that you would be born in us again this year.

Tonight, this year, God, we listen for the story of PEACE

Peace in a world so given to conflict.

All year we have heard the stories of the ways things go badly.

This night, and in the year to come, open our ears to the other stories,

the stories of the kind and good things people have done and are doing for each other.

And in hearing those stories may we be re-committed to our own acts of kindness,

the small ways we can make “Peace on earth, Goodwill to all” a reality.

Tonight, this year, God, we listen for the story of HOPE

Hope in a world that gives us so many reasons to despair.

Tell us, we pray, the stories that lie beyond the despair.

When the world falls apart at the seams,

remind us that you are there as we stand in the wreckage,

helping us to pick up the broken pieces.

Open our hearts to feel your presence,

open our souls to the possibility of new hope, new life.

Tonight, this year, God, we listen for the story of JOY

Joy in a world where so many struggle and grieve.

Life does not always go as we had planned,

some days it feels like life never goes as we had planned.

Help us find the possibility of joy both on the good days and the bad.

When the bad news makes us depressed, show us the Good News hiding in the shadows,

and let that Good News fill our heart with joy again.

Tonight, this year, God, we listen for the story of LOVE

Love in a world so full of fear and hatred.

You would have us act lovingly to friend and family and enemy.

In a world where love is so sorely needed, help us all take the risk to live.

Show us the drama of love enacted in our community.

Help us bear the wounds and scars that may come with being vulnerable, open and loving.

And when love seems too hard,

help us remember that we can love others because we are loved with a love that will not let us go.

As we gaze at the baby in the manger,

may we see Your amazing love for the world shining across the miles and centuries.

And may that love fill our own hearts to overflowing.

This year, this night, God, we listen for the story of CHRIST

The story of You coming to share our lives.

The story of You coming to change our world.

The story of love and hope, of peace and joy.

A story that happened a long time ago in a place far away,

a story that happens in this very place this very day.

Help us, God, to hear the story, help us, God, to welcome the baby,

Help us, God, to live into the new world that Christmas brings.

We pray in the name of the Baby who lies in the manger.

Joy to the World! The Lord is Come!

So Be It! AMEN

Monday, December 9, 2019

For December 22, Advent 4, Love

Opening PRAYER
God of love, we can hardly wait!
Soon the Babe will be born, soon it will be Christmas!
As we remember the story, help us remember the core of the story:
that we are loved, that we are to love each other
In this hour together speak to our hearts,
help us know how to be people of love, and then help us do it.
We pray in the name of the Baby whose birth draws nigh, who will later teach his friends to pray saying...

God you don’t ask us to be perfect,
and for that we give thanks.
But God you do ask that we offer of ourselves for the good of others,
living lives of love for those who cross our past.
When we share we get changed, the love leaves a, scar, a mark we carry for ever after.
And sometimes we are afraid of that change, and so we keep to ourselves, trying to avoid the scars
But then we open up, we let others in, we take the risk.
And find that we are blessed in ways we never expected.
God of love, you don’t ask us to be perfect.
You ask us to be loving, you help us to be loving. And there we see your face and grace. Amen.

Christ Candle Responses for Epiphany and the Sundays following

The Magi followed a star leading them to the Light of the World
The candle flame reminds us that the Light of the World is in our midst
Gathered as people who are drawn to the light, we centre ourselves for worship.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Resources for Advent (Seasonal theme Stories of the Season)

We are all part of a story, or a number of stories.
And so we come to remember the stories. 
As children we listened to stories read by adults. 
As adults we tell stories to each other to help find meaning in the world. 
In this place we are reminded how our stories intersect with The Story. 
And we trust that the story will push us to be people of ________ 
Gathered together for worship, we greet our neighbours with words and signs of peace.

Here today we have heard a story
Maybe a new one, maybe one we heard before.
Now we go out to live as people who are a part of The Story of faith
Sharing the ______ of the season with those we meet.
Go out trusting that God The Source of the Story, Christ the Storyteller, and The Spirit who inspires us to spin our own stories is with you as the story of faith and life continues to unfold.

Monday, October 28, 2019

For November 3, 2019 -- Proper 26C

May the Peace of Christ be with you.
And also with you.
What has brought us here today
We come in search of the One they call Messiah
Jesus is here, waiting to eat with us, wanting to be both host and guest in our lives
We gather with Jesus at the table, we open our hearts to his love and wisdom.
As we gather for worship we greet our neighbour with words and signs of Christ’s peace...

Opening PRAYER
God, like Zacchaeus we want to meet Jesus
and so we come together in worship.
God, here we open ourselves to be transformed by meeting Jesus,
and then live our lives as changed people with new priorities.
God as we worship, move in our hearts,
sending us back out as people of hope and faith, committed to live as citizens of the Kingdom.

Zacchaeus climbed a tree so he could see...and so he was seen.
With the result that he was changed.
We have come to see Jesus, we have been seen by the God active in Jesus
As we go out may we also be ready to be changed by seeing and by being seen.
The God who invited us to the table, the Christ who proclaims the Kingdom, the Spirit who sustains us along the way,
is with us as we live and serve and grow and love. Amen.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Opening Prayer for a FUneral

God, you give us so many gifts. And so we say thank you.
One of the greatest gifts you give us is life, life in abundance.
In our lives you bless us with joy and laughter,
In our lives you comfort us when we are sad or when we hurt, or when we are afraid. And again we say thank you.
Today we come to say good-bye to NAME.
And as we say good-bye we celebrate everything that made her who she was, and we say thank-you for the gift of her.
God you are always with us. You are wonderful and compassionate and mysterious.
You protect us like a father with a new baby.
You watch over us like a mother on the playground.
You comfort us like a warm hug from a grandparent.
Today, as we come to share our sadness and our grief,
be with us, strengthen us, hear our tears.
As we say good-bye, as we say thank you, as we share our tears,
remind us that we are not alone, that you are with us.