Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For August 1, 2010 -- 10th After Pentecost, Year C

Who has brought you here?
We have come in response to God, who calls us to be God's people.
Why are you here?
We come to experience God's Presence, to hear God's Challenge, to feel God's Love.
We come to worship and learn together. Let us pray...
God, some weeks it seems like it would be so much easier to stay home and relax on Sunday morning. But still You urge us to get up and come to worship together. We have listened to Your urging today.
In this time of song and speech and silence open our hearts and minds to Your presence. May this time together remind us of what is truly important. And may we leave this place committed to live as people of The Way, people of Love. We pray in the name and memory of the Risen Christ, who before his death taught his friends to pray together saying...

Our time of worship comes to a close
Our time of service continues.
Now we go out into the world
Ready to examine our priorities, ready to put the important things first, trusting that this will make a difference in our world.
As you go out into the world to live and to serve, go confident in the promise that God: Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, is with you always and all ways.
Thanks be to God! Amen.