Monday, February 16, 2009

For March 1, 2009, 1st Sunday of Lent -- Creation -- Care and Choices

(Note: For Lent this year I am going off lectionary for a sermon series The C's of Stewardship so the resources on this blog will match those themes rather than the lectionary texts)

God, the old stories tell us that we are to have dominion over the earth.
And we have interpreted that as freedom to treat Creation as a tool that can be bent to our purposes.
The old stories also tell us about a covenant between God and Humanity, a promise for all time that You will not destroy the earth.
But we have not always lived up to our part. We have not always been good caretakers of Your Creation.
Our current stories encourage us to change our approach to life.
However, sometimes those stories leave us feeling nothing but hopelessness and guilt.
We need to find the balance point.
Help us learn how to live where human activity can continue and also Creation can be protected.
Help us learn from the mistakes from the past.
Help us move past the guilt even as we acknowledge our mis-steps.
…time of silent prayer…
The God who Created is also the God who is Creating. Creating new opportunities, creating new life, forgiving the past in hope for the future. We are a forgiven people!
Thanks be to God! Amen.

Offering Prayer
God who has Created and is Creating, all that we have is a gift from you. As part of using these gifts wisely, we share them with the world around us. May the gifts of our heart enrich all of Creation. Amen.

We have gathered to be fed in body and soul.
We have been gifted with bread and cup, with Word and fellowship.
And having been fed and energized we go back into the world God has created.
We go to make new choices and encourage new choices about how we use and care for the Earth.
As you go out take strength from the knowledge that the God who has created and is creating goes with you every step of life’s path.
Thanks be to God! Amen.