Sunday, May 20, 2018

PRayers of the People for May 20, 2018 -- Pentecost

Spirit of Life, blowing through our world,
on this Pentecost Day we open ourselves to your power.
God who calls us to be the church, to share our lives with you and with each other,
on this Pentecost Day we hear again the call, the challenge to be the church in the world.
And so, as Paul encourages us, we Rejoice in your presence always.

God whose Spirit moved over the world at the beginning,
you blew the breath of life into our lungs and let loose our borning cry,
you have been with us ever since.
All that we have been, and are, and ever will be is in and through you.
And we Rejoice.

Creator, source of wonders that appear throughout the world,
creator of those things that leave us awestruck,
we stop and say WOW!
Wow for the beauty of fresh spring flowers
Wow for the joy of children’s laughter
Wow for the times when we overcome our differences and hear each other as if we all spoke the same way.
For the wonders of life we share our awe...
and we Rejoice.

Gift-giver, God who offers us so much throughout our life’s journey.
We join with your faithful children of many colours and races and faiths
to share our songs of praise and thanks giving.
For all that makes life wonderful and full and abundant we say thank you...
And we Rejoice.

God of presence, God who will never leave us alone,
amongst the abundant gifts and the wonders of life come struggles.
And yet you are there.
And so we join our voices with the voices of all those around the world who struggle:
struggle with shootings in schools
struggle with the reality of racism and prejudice
struggle with conflict between nations
struggle with the reality of bodies or minds that no longer work the way they once did,
struggle with anxiety, or fear, or grief...
In our times of struggle may we know the peace that surpasses all understanding.
And so we can Rejoice.

God who calls us to move into the world.
As we go forth to be the church in a world aching for the Gospel of Love,
help us remain focused on those things that are true, just, honourable, pure, pleasing and commendable.
May we continue to share the Good News with all, may we never forget that you are with us,
may we rejoice in your presence always, and again we say REJOICE!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Christ Candle Responses for Ordinary TIme

In this Season of the Spirit we light a candle, reminding us of the fire of hope and freedom
as this flame flickers in our midst, we commit ourselves to spread its light and heat in the world
Gathered as Spirit-filled disciples of Christ, we quiet our hearts for worship

Monday, May 7, 2018

Treaty Acknowledgement for June 2018

In the beginning the Creator shaped this land. The hills were sculpted, the river valleys dug deep, life sprang out of the soil. Then people came. We honour and thank those who were here before us: the Beaver, the Cree, the M├ętis. Then those who came here from across the sea made agreements to share the land and now we live together as Treaty partners.