Thursday, June 11, 2015

For Summer Worship

In the dog days of the summer,
we gather to worship, to have the fire of the Spirit lit in our souls.
In this season of growth, as the earth puts out food,
we gather to worship, to be fed and energized.
As followers of Christ, we greet each other with Christ's peace...

Gracious God, you blow life's breath into our lungs.
We live in you, we live through you.
You call us to live lives marked by forgiveness, love, hope, compassion.
And we strive to do so.
But if we are honest,
sometimes our lives are marked by resentment, dis-interest, fear, self-centeredness
God of Grace,
when we get it right celebrate with us, when we miss the mark gently guide us back to the path of wisdom.
...time of silent prayer...
God is gracious and merciful. God celebrates our successes and mourns our mis-steps. God continues to call us back to the Way with forgiveness and grace and mercy.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FOr June 21, 2015 -- NAtional Aboriginal Day

Cultural Genocide
The words echo through our country and through our hearts
Cultural Genocide
The words make us stop. Make us think again about who we are and how we are as a church, as a nation.
Creator God, Great Spirit,
we pause and remember the wrongs done on our behalf.
Creator God, Great Spirit,
we name that good intentions sometimes lead to the same results as bad intentions.
God of community,
we acknowledge the broken-ness of our community, the relationships that need to be rebuilt.
God of community,
move among us, push us to do the hard work of reconciliation, give us the courage and endurance to see the long task through.
God of forgiveness, God of grace,
help us to be honest and truthful with each other. Move in our hearts to hear each others stories. Place in our souls the desire to create a new relationship where we see you clearly in each others faces. Give us the humility to accept the need for repentance.
...time of silent prayer...
God is Gracious, God calls us to be Gracious. God moves among us to remind us that in Christ's life and death and New Life there is forgiveness, there is the possibility of repaired relationships, there is hope. Though the road may be long we have God to guide and strengthen us along the way.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

As we close our worship, we continue to pray,
for healing, for truth-telling, for truth-hearing, for reconciliation
As we leave this space we go out into the world,
committing to work for healing, for rebuilding relationships, for the coming of the Kingdom
As we live and serve we trust that God is with us,
moving in the hearts of all, pushing us to be more than we are.
Go with God

Monday, June 8, 2015

For June 14, 2015 -- Looking at Psalm 113

Holy Mystery who is Wholly Love,
we gather to worship, we gather to celebrate your presence.
In this place and time we join with the voices of ages,
sharing thanksgiving and praise, lifting our voices in songs of praise.
In this time together,
open our eyes and hearts to see all the reasons we have to offer praise.
And then when our worship closes,
send us out with praise-filled hearts, so full that we cannot keep from singing.
We voice our prayers and our praise in the name of Jesus the Christ, whose name we bear, and who taught us to pray saying...

Creator God, we see wonders all around us,
and yet somehow we take them for granted.
We use awesome to talk about TV shows and skateboard tricks,
but somehow we wonder if we have lost our sense of awe.
In our world of wonders, in our lives of abundance,
reawaken in us that sense of awe, loose our tongues to sing our praises.
And when we forget, when we become accustomed to the world, when we are blinded to the wonders of life...
wake us up, remind us, help us see clearly, so that once again we sing.
God of Grace, God of Wonders, God of Mystery, when we see clearly the world around us,
How can we keep from singing?
In grace, help us remember the song.

We leave this worship space
to go out into the wider world, where we worship and praise.
We leave this worship space,
to go out and see the wonders of life that astound us every day.
We leave this worship space,
we go out with joy and song.
God, Holy Mystery, Wholly Love, Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer goes with us.
How can we keep from singing?

Monday, June 1, 2015

For June 7, 2015 -- To Go with Psalm 1

Like trees sending their roots out in search of water,
we seek God's presence in our lives.
Like trees drinking deep, pulling nutrition from the soil,
we soak in the wisdom of Scripture, seeking to grow strong as God's people.
God of wisdom, God of the Law,
speak to our hearts and minds and souls, grant us wisdom, anchor us in your Way.
God of the table, God of the world,
in our worship feed us, then send us back into the world to share your love, your wisdom, your hope.

Blessed are those who delight in the Law of God.
Sometimes we find the Law to be a gift. Sometimes we find it to be a straitjacket.
They are like trees planted beside a stream,
God of grace, help us seek out the life-giving water of faith and wisdom and law.
As we walk along The Way of Jesus the Christ,
keep us from being blown about like chaff, help us grow strong and bear fruit.
As the winds of life attempt to drive us away from the path of wisdom,
help us sing the old words “like a tree that's planted by the water we shall not be moved”
God of grace,
help our roots dig deep, grounding us, stabilizing us, feeding us.
...time of silent prayer...
God is gracious, offering us the wisdom of the ages. God is gracious, offering to feed our hearts, souls, and minds. God is gracious, calling us to the Way of wisdom even if we turn aside.
Thanks be to God who nourishes us, helping us grow, helping us be fruitful. Amen.

Our worship comes to a close. Our service continues.
We go out to carry on the story of faith, the story we inherited from our ancestors.
We go from this place as those who have been, are, and will be nourished by God's Word, God's wisdom, God's life-giving water.
We go out to share the nourishment we have received with our neighbours. We go out to drink deep, to grow strong, to be fruitful.
As you go, know that God is with you.
Always and everywhere. Amen.