Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FOr June 21, 2015 -- NAtional Aboriginal Day

Cultural Genocide
The words echo through our country and through our hearts
Cultural Genocide
The words make us stop. Make us think again about who we are and how we are as a church, as a nation.
Creator God, Great Spirit,
we pause and remember the wrongs done on our behalf.
Creator God, Great Spirit,
we name that good intentions sometimes lead to the same results as bad intentions.
God of community,
we acknowledge the broken-ness of our community, the relationships that need to be rebuilt.
God of community,
move among us, push us to do the hard work of reconciliation, give us the courage and endurance to see the long task through.
God of forgiveness, God of grace,
help us to be honest and truthful with each other. Move in our hearts to hear each others stories. Place in our souls the desire to create a new relationship where we see you clearly in each others faces. Give us the humility to accept the need for repentance.
...time of silent prayer...
God is Gracious, God calls us to be Gracious. God moves among us to remind us that in Christ's life and death and New Life there is forgiveness, there is the possibility of repaired relationships, there is hope. Though the road may be long we have God to guide and strengthen us along the way.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

As we close our worship, we continue to pray,
for healing, for truth-telling, for truth-hearing, for reconciliation
As we leave this space we go out into the world,
committing to work for healing, for rebuilding relationships, for the coming of the Kingdom
As we live and serve we trust that God is with us,
moving in the hearts of all, pushing us to be more than we are.
Go with God

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