Monday, June 8, 2015

For June 14, 2015 -- Looking at Psalm 113

Holy Mystery who is Wholly Love,
we gather to worship, we gather to celebrate your presence.
In this place and time we join with the voices of ages,
sharing thanksgiving and praise, lifting our voices in songs of praise.
In this time together,
open our eyes and hearts to see all the reasons we have to offer praise.
And then when our worship closes,
send us out with praise-filled hearts, so full that we cannot keep from singing.
We voice our prayers and our praise in the name of Jesus the Christ, whose name we bear, and who taught us to pray saying...

Creator God, we see wonders all around us,
and yet somehow we take them for granted.
We use awesome to talk about TV shows and skateboard tricks,
but somehow we wonder if we have lost our sense of awe.
In our world of wonders, in our lives of abundance,
reawaken in us that sense of awe, loose our tongues to sing our praises.
And when we forget, when we become accustomed to the world, when we are blinded to the wonders of life...
wake us up, remind us, help us see clearly, so that once again we sing.
God of Grace, God of Wonders, God of Mystery, when we see clearly the world around us,
How can we keep from singing?
In grace, help us remember the song.

We leave this worship space
to go out into the wider world, where we worship and praise.
We leave this worship space,
to go out and see the wonders of life that astound us every day.
We leave this worship space,
we go out with joy and song.
God, Holy Mystery, Wholly Love, Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer goes with us.
How can we keep from singing?

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