Thursday, November 14, 2019

Resources for Advent (Seasonal theme Stories of the Season)

We are all part of a story, or a number of stories.
And so we come to remember the stories. 
As children we listened to stories read by adults. 
As adults we tell stories to each other to help find meaning in the world. 
In this place we are reminded how our stories intersect with The Story. 
And we trust that the story will push us to be people of ________ 
Gathered together for worship, we greet our neighbours with words and signs of peace.

Here today we have heard a story
Maybe a new one, maybe one we heard before.
Now we go out to live as people who are a part of The Story of faith
Sharing the ______ of the season with those we meet.
Go out trusting that God The Source of the Story, Christ the Storyteller, and The Spirit who inspires us to spin our own stories is with you as the story of faith and life continues to unfold.