Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Easter Prayer (to go with the story of the Emmaus Road)

God of Life, when the world falls apart,
we sometimes seek to run away, to go back to a safe place.
God of Hope, when we make these journeys of despair,
we turn and find a stranger walking beside us.
God of Peace, you ask us to share our fears and hopes, our dreams and anxieties.
And then you push us to see the world in a new way.
God of Easter, you move within us, opening our hearts,
so that they would burn as we talk about questions of meaning.
God of Resurrection, you invite us to the table,
where our eyes are opened,
where understanding dawns,
where we see you present
and we understand the reality that Life Wins.
In the name of the Risen Christ,
we pray, as we strive to live in his Way. Amen