Sunday, January 20, 2008

For June 17/07

Empowering God, you call us to embrace life in all its fullness,
but often we only see a small part of that fullness.
You call us to take risks, to try out new things,
and we hold back out of fear of failing, of being a disappointment.
You challenge us to do things that seem inappropriate or abnormal,
and we remain convinced that we need to do what others say is decent and orderly.
You challenge us to accept those who are willing to take risks, to be different.
but we automatically assume that those who deviate from the norm are somehow not acceptable.
For our reticence and our condemnation forgive us.
…time of silent reflection…
God takes the biggest risk of all. God forgives us unconditionally, God encourages us in our risks, our successes, and our failures.
Thanks and praise to God. Amen.

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