Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For March 23, 2008 -- Easter Sunday Year A

This Week In Jerusalem
Breaking News (Matthew 28:1-10)

CALL TO WORSHIP (based on refrain to MV #121)
Christ is risen, death is defeated!
Hey Now! Singing Hallelujah!
The morning has come!
Hey now! Singing Hallelujah!
The Tomb was empty at the rising sun.
Christ is Risen indeed. Sing Hallelujah and praise!

Gracious God, we join the women standing at the tomb.
Our eyes filled with tears and wonder.
Can it be true? Is it possible?
The one we saw buried is not here. He has been raised!
Our hearts and voices turn to songs of praise!
Hallelujah! God's day has come!
As we worship together we embrace Your life and Your promise!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! This is the day the God has made!
We will rejoice and be glad. Amen.

Offering Prayer
God of New Life, on this Easter Sunday we remember the glory of the resurrection. In response to the life you have given we offer our treasures and our selves, that the whole world would know life in abundance. Amen.

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