Monday, April 7, 2008

For April 13, 2008 -- Easter 4

We come as the people of God,
sharing a hope for the future, sharing the commandment to love all creation.
We come as a community of friends,
caring for and with each other.
We come as a community of faith,
praying and worshipping together.
We come to worship, let us pray…

Offering Prayer
Giver of life, you call us to live and serve that all people may have life in abundance. May the gifts we offer today and every day enrich the lives of people near and far. Amen.

We have gathered together to be enriched in spirit,
we have gathered to be sent back out to serve.
As our worship ends, our service continues,
so we go out, committed to supporting and caring for family, friend, and neighbour.
We go to serve, but we do not serve alone!
We serve with all people of faith, near or far.
Yes but we serve also with God. We serve with the power of God to sustain and support us always.
Thanks be to God! Amen!


bethanyjoy said...

I've been the secretary to a small United Church of Christ congregation in rural southwest New Mexico for the past year. Our pastor regularly has me "find" appropriate invocations, prayers, etc. I was so grateful when I stumbled upon your blog - and even more so when I realized you were generously offering them for anyone to use. Many, many thanks!

Gord said...

YOu are most welcome. I'm gld you find them useful