Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For October 5, 2008 -- Worldwide Communion Sunday, Proper 22

God calls us to live according to rules that build community.
But sometimes we find it hard to remember what they are.
God calls us to ensure everyone has what they need for life.
But greed and self-interest often make us forget to ask.
God, when we forget the way, when we care more for our own wants than the needs of all,
forgive us, lead us back to the Way of peace and justice.
…time of silent reflection…
God’s justice and mercy expand beyond our understanding. God’s abundant love brings forgiveness and a new start. We are loved, we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God! Hallelujah!

Offering Prayer
God who has given us life in abundance, we share here from what we have been given.
May these gifts of our time, our money, our very selves be ways to bring your peace and justice to the earth. Amen.

We have eaten and drunk at the table of plenty.
We have been fed, we have received our daily bread.
Now we go out to feed the hungry.
Now we go out to quench the thirst for justice and peace.
As you go out to serve, go secure in the knowledge that God who offers all we need for life in abundance, goes with you in all your labours.
We are not alone! We walk and work with the God of the feast! Amen.

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