Thursday, November 13, 2008

For December 14, 2008 -- Be Not Afraid, Sing For Joy -- Pageant Sunday -- 3rd of Advent

God, the world can be a truly frightening place.
And in the midst of this fear we look for Good News.
In this hour of story and song,
remind us that there is hope coming into the world. Remind us that we too can sing for joy.
This we pray in the name of the one whose birth we await, the one who taught us to pray saying…

Offering Prayer
God of new hope and birth, as we prepare again to celebrate Christmas we bring our gifts to share. May the gifts we share this season be signs of love and hope in a world of fear and despair. Amen

The world can be a terrifying place.
But there is always good news to share.
Go, tell it in the streets and alleys, tell it everywhere.
Jesus Christ is born. And so we sing for joy in the face of the world’s terror.
As you go to sing the song of joy remember that God, the source of the song, is with you always.
Joy to the World! The Lord is come. Amen.

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