Saturday, December 5, 2009

For December 20, 2009 -- Advent 3C

In the darkest time of the year,
God calls us to come and seek the light.
In a world where hardship is real,
God calls us to come and hear words of promise.
As we prepare for the coming of a baby,
God calls us to come and worship together.
Let us pray…

God who brings new life into existence,
we await the birth of hope in our lives.
In our time prayer and song and listening,
open our hearts and minds to the promises of Christmas.
Move within and among us during this hour.
Filling us with hope,
reminding us to look forward to a new future,
calling us to embrace the possibility of new life.
We pray in the name of the baby who is coming, who as an adult taught his friends to pray the words we now sing…

Once again we have heard the old promise of a baby
Once again we have heard the gracious acceptance of God’s challenge to carry the child.
We also have heard the promise and hope of a mother foreseeing a new and better world.
As inheritors of that promise we go out to share its hope with the world in which we live and work and play.
As people of the promise, as people of hope, we go knowing that we never walk alone, God walks with us always. Amen

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