Monday, January 31, 2011

For February 6, 2011 -- 5th Sunday After Epiphany Year A

God, in this time of worship,
open our hearts, minds, and souls to your presence.
God, in this time of worship,
give us a sense of what it means to be salt and light, remind us of our call to enhance the world around us.
God, at the end of this time of worship,
send us back out to the world, ready to let Your light shine through us.
We pray in the name of Jesus, who calls us salt and light,and who taught his friends to pray saying...

God, you call us to a life that is rich and flavourful,
so why does it sometimes seem so bland and humdrum?
God, you call us to enrich the lives of those who are around us,
so why do we sometimes withdraw into our own silos, caring for our own interests above all others?
God, you tell us that we are lights, meant to shine brightly,
so why do we sometimes feel like we are always in the dark?
God, you call us to share our light with the world,
so why are we sometimes afraid that there is not enough light, that we might go dim if we shine too brightly?
God, for all those times when we have chosen not to season the world, for the times when we have kept our light hidden,
forgive us we pray.
...time of silent prayer...
God is the salt in our lives, the light in our darkness. When we start to run out, God graciously fills up our shaker and refills our lamp. We are a forgiven and rejuvenated people!
Thanks be to God! Amen.

Jesus said that we should be Just Like Salt
enhancing the lives of those around us.
Jesus called us Light of the World
shining brightly into dark places
Go now to be Salt and Light

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