Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For March 13, 2011 -- First Sunday of Lent Year A

God, you lay before us a road to travel in life,
but so often we are tempted to turn away from the Way.
You call us to be a people set apart, with a different vision for the world,
but the world around us tempts us to share its vision.
You challenge us to listen for your voice, to see with your eyes, to love as you love,
but sometimes these things are hard, and we are tempted to follow the easy path.
For all the times we have been swayed by the world, for all the times we have wandered from the path of wisdom,
forgive us, strengthen us, and bring us back to the life you would have us live.
...time of silent prayer...
God calls us to live in this world, temptations and choices and all. God calls us to follow God's path but God also knows that we will wander at times. And so, before we even know we need it, God offers forgiveness and grace. We are a forgiven people.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

Our time of worship comes to a close,
Our time of service continues.
Now we go out to be the people God has called us to be
people of love, people of justice, people of hope
Despite the many diversions along the road,
we will strive to avoid the temptations we find along the way.
Go now, be strong and courageous, know that God walks with you always
Thanks be to God, our strength and our guide. Amen.

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