Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For April 10, 2011 -- 5th Sunday of Lent.

In a world where death seems to have the power,
we come seeking life.
As people of faith,
we proclaim that life wins.
We have been called together by God,
who calls life from the tombs of our world, who unbinds us from our chains, who is the God of the living.
In this time of worship,
may the tombs of life be opened, may our hearts be unbound, may we be reminded that in the end life will always win!
We pray in the name of Jesus, who came to bring abundant life, and who taught his friends to pray by saying together...

God of life, you promise us that life is always going to be the winner.
But we look around us and are moved to doubt the promise. The powers of death seem so strong.
You call us to come out of the dark tombs of the world and be set free.
And we have to admit that sometimes the comfort of the familiar overpowers our wish for abundant life.
You see a valley of dry bones and see possibilities.
And we see desolation and ask “Can these bones live?”
For all the times we lose hope, for all the times we doubt the promise, for all the times we prefer the comfort of the tomb to the unknown of new life,
Forgive and strengthen us, unbind us and call us to live again.
...time of silent prayer...
Christ says: I am the Resurrection and the Life. Those who believe in me will live”. Living in Christ we are strengthened, freed and forgiven. We are called to new life, new hope, and new possibilities.
Thanks be to the God of life! Amen.

Jesus calls us out of our tombs, unbinds us, and sends us out.
We go to share the good news of a life that will always win!
Even when the way grows dark and danger lurks around the corner,
we share faith that light is beyond dark, that hope replaces despair.
Go out trusting in the God who gives life, who calls us to live, who is with us every step of life's journey!
Always and all ways! Amen!


MumPastor said...

Gord, these are great! Would you mind if I used your call to worship? How would you like to be cited?
from a fellow RGBP

Gord said...

I post them so they can be used if folks want to. Cite me however you wish, either by name (Gord Waldie) or by URL