Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For November 13, 2011 Proper 28A

From our homes and workplaces, from our school and playspaces,
we have been called. Called to gather for worship and refreshment.
God of Grace, in this time of music and prayer and reflection,
open our hearts, minds and souls to feel your Spirit blowing through our lives.
As we sing and pray and listen,
may we hear you calling us to a new way of living.
And when our time together concludes,
send us back out ready to take the risks that come with using all the gifts we have been given to their full potential. Amen.

Challenging God, we go out now to make a difference in the world
We will take risks with what we have been given
We will explore what talents we have to share
We will us what we have to the best of our ability
We will be accountable for our choices.
We WILL make a difference in the world

Go with God, who will help you to do all these things.

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