Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For June 10, 2012. Proper 5B 2nd After Pentecost

People of God, why have you come here?
We have come seeking to hear about the King.
People of God why have you come here?
We have come to listen and to contemplate, to pray and to sing.
People of God, why have you come here?
We have come to be refreshed, to find our way back to the Way of Wisdom, to be re-energized for the week that is to come.
God, in this time together,
remind us that we do not always need to be like other people. Remind us that there is an alternative path. Remind us that whatever other leaders we may have, you are the One who we are called to follow.
God, as we sing and pray and listen,
fill our hearts and minds and lives with the possibilities of Your Kingdom. And send us back out to live and serve.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the one we call Your Anointed One, who taught his friends to pray by saying...

We have come to be reminded who our King truly is!
And now we return to the mission field where we live and serve.
We return to that mission field with a task. We are called to carry the love of God in our hearts, our faces, our actions.
And in doing that, may we bring honour to the name of the King.
Go with God who Creates, Redeems, and Sustains.
Always and All Ways. Amen.

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