Monday, January 28, 2013

For February 3, 2013 4th After Epiphany Year C

God of Jubilee, God of freedom from oppression and healing for the afflicted,
we gather to share your Good News. We gather to be transformed as the world is changed.
In this time of worship,
may we be fed in body and soul.
As we sing and pray, as we break the bread and pour the cup,
may the Spirit of the Lord fall upon us, may we be refreshed, anointed, and empowered.
And when our time of worship is ended,
send us back out into the world to proclaim the Good News.
We pray in the name and memory of Jesus,
our Rock and Redeemer, our Teacher and Guide, in whom we find the path that leads to the Kingdom. Amen.

God, you share with us words of hope, words of Good News.
But sometimes we are unable to hear them because the source is too familiar.
You call us to share the Good News with those around us.
But sometimes we are unable to share, because the people know us too well.
You encourage us to send messengers to other places where they will be heard better.
But we can be jealous, wanting the Good News to be for us, not them.
In the multitude of ways we can and have subverted you message of freedom and healing, in all the ways we have kept the Jubilee year from happening,
we have left the path of true wisdom and call upon your Grace to lead us back on track.
...time of silent prayer...
This is the time of God's favour, God's grace continues to proclaim release to the captives, sight to the blind, Good News to the poor and freedom to the oppressed. We live as loved, forgiven and free people through the grace of God!

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us!
We have been called, we have been anointed, we have been given a task.
So go out from this place into the mission field that is the world.
We go carrying Good News to the world, News about freedom from oppression and healing for the afflicted.
The time of the Lord's favour is now!
Hallelujah! Amen.

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