Thursday, February 14, 2013

To go with The Church in the World: Witness & Testimony

We are called to be people of faith in the midst of the world,
and so we mix our worship and our work, our faith and our life.
We come together to hear again form the old old story,
knowing that in that story we find clues about life in the here and now.
We come together to be prepared to be sent out,
to share the story, to share The Way of life.
Story-telling God, in this time of prayer and song and listening,
remind us that we have a story to tell, renew our hearts that we can tell it.
This we pray in the name and memory of Jesus,
the One whose story is written in our hearts,
and who taught his friends to pray together saying...
It is said that evangelism is one beggar telling another where they can find a meal.
But God sometimes we are reluctant because we are unsure the news would be of interest.
It is said that evangelism is one injured dog leading another to the vet's door.
But we are reluctant, not wanting to force our idea of a cure on others.
It is said that evangelism is cutting holes in the blackout curtain so the light can shine through.
But we are reluctant, because people might prefer the darkness.
God, you have called us to share the story of life and love with the world in our words and our deeds.
For the times we have chosen not to share that story, for the times our words and deed have told an opposite story, forgive us and through your Grace renew us to meet the challenge.
...time of silent prayer..
The story we share is the story of a God who is Gracious, Merciful, and Loving. Through Grace God forgives us where we miss the mark and restores us to relationship. We are forgiven, loved, and accepted.
Thanks be to God! Amen

As people of faith we have gathered for worship.
As people of faith we now return to the world.
Go out to share the story of faith, the story of life, with the world around you.
We share the faith in word and in deed, in speech and in action.
As you go to giving a living witness, as you go out to testify to God's love active in the world, go knowing that God goes with you, sharing the laughter and the hope, the fears and the tears.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

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