Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Sunday Drama (Based on John 20:1-18)

Cast: Mary
         Disciple #1
         Disciple #2
         Jesus (voice over only)

Mary enters up the aisle, goes over to the tomb [doorway to the stairs at East side of Chancel], looks in, then runs back across the Chancel where D1 and D2 are coming up the ramp

M: while running come quickly! Something terrible has happened!
D1: What! What is it?
D2: What could have happened that is worse than what already happened?

M: I went to the tomb this morning..
D2: interrupts to the tomb? Why would you do that?
D1: He's dead. We saw him die. You saw him buried. Did you need to remind yourself?
M: ignoring them I went to the tomb this morning because I had to say good-bye, I just needed to be near him again. But when I got there the stone was rolled away..

D1: Rolled away? Who would do that?
M: It gets worse. When I looked in, the tomb was...well it was...EMPTY!
D2: Empty? You mean the body was gone? I don't believe it!
M: Yes Empty. They have taken him away. Where could they have put him?

D1: I don't believe you! I have to see for myself! D1 and D2 run over to the tomb. D2 gets there first and stands there looking in, D1 gets there and goes down through the doorway

D1: calls out Mary's right! There is no body here! I see the cloths they wrapped him in. But he isn't here!
D2: enters, then they both come back out It is just as he said! Remember!

D1: Are you sure? They both leave down the aisle, chatting to each other

M comes back over to the tomb and looks in

J: Woman, why are you crying?
M: Because they have taken my Lord away and I do not know where he is. Please sir, if you know where they put him can you tell me?

J: MARY! the tomb is filled with light
M: with a shock of recognition Rabbouni!
J: Yes. Now go and tell the others that I have been raised. Tell them I am ascending to my God and your God.

M: looks straight out at the congregation I have seen the Lord! She then dances out the aisle as the hymn begins.

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