Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blessing for the Opening of a Hospice

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 24:3,4

Statement of Purpose
Friends we have come here today to celebrate.
We have come to welcome a new piece of our community.
Here people will gather with family,
here people will say good-byes,
here people will seek comfort.
This place is a home, this place is a gift.
And so let us thank God, who is with us in life and death,
For this place and the people we find here.

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:9-13

Prayer of Blessing & Dedication
Creator God,
eons ago you spoke into the primordial chaos,
bringing forth life.
You watched us grow in our mother's womb,
you fill our lungs with the breath of life,
you journey with us throughout the ups and the downs of life,
you comfort us as we prepare to say farewell.
Bless and be present in this holy space, this place of residence, this place of preparing for change.
May it be a place of deep grace and peace.
May it be a place of comfort in body, mind and spirit,
Be with the patients who live here, easing their pain.
Be with their families and friends, walking with them through the shadow of grief.
Be with the staff and volunteers, supporting them as they live out the ministry of support and caring.
May Your love infuse this building, the walls, the furnishings, the people.
God of life and love, You reveal Yourself to Your people in many different guises,
we pray that all who come through these doors would meet you in each other.
May all: patients, families, friends, staff and volunteers be sources of strength for each other
Grant that this place is a beacon of love and caring.
In Your name we pray.

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Anonymous said...

Gord: Thank you for sharing this. These words would have touched the lives of each person present and offered support to whatever role they find themselves in. And it is this type of sharing that encourages us all as clergy in Grande Prairie.
Janice Orr, Christ Church Anglican