Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For November 17, 2013--service theme "Does Everything Happen for a Reason?"

Come, now is the time to worship
To every thing there is a season and a time for every matter
A time for prayer, a time for song,
A time to listen and a time to speak.
There is a time for everything,
Now is the time to worship, and so we come together.

God of Love,
in this time of worship open our hearts to Your love, that we may pass it on to those we meet.
God of Light,
in this time of worship open our eyes to see Your light shining in the world, even in the most surprising places.
God of Life,
in this time of worship open our being to embrace and celebrate your gift of life, both when we have cause to praise and when we have cause to lament.
These things we pray as we remember the one who taught about your gifts of light, life, and love, and who taught his friends to pray together saying...

God, when we are honest, there is so much we find hard to understand.
And so we ask WHY
Why does life seem so unfair? Why do terrible things happen?
Is there some grand plan we just can't see?
Or is life just like that?
And is it enough to say “it is a mystery”
God of Grace, God of Love, it is not enough to name it as a mystery.
But it is enough to know that you are with us in the uncertainty.
And so, in our wondering, in our confusion,
remind us that we are not alone, remind us of the promise of transformation, remind us that with You we can find a path through the wilderness of life.
And in the end we affirm that with you things can somehow be made to work for good.
For we are a Resurrection people. Amen.

To everything there is a time...
the time of worship has ended, now is the time for life.
We go out into the world...
to share the hope in a God who can work good in the face of tragedy.
And the one thing for which it is ALWAYS the season..
is to love each other, as we have been loved.
Go out to be people of hope, people of love...
people of God. Amen

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