Monday, March 24, 2014

For March 30, 2014 -- Looking at "Forgive us our Trespasses as we Forgive..."

God of forgiveness, we gather together to worship,
seeking to be reminded of the gift and challenge of forgiveness
seeking to be made ready to hear words of truth,
seeking to be reconciled with friend, with enemy, with neighbour, with You.
God of forgiveness, we gather to worship,
trusting that as we celebrate Your presence in our lives we will be transformed by Your life in our hearts
God of forgiveness, we gather to worship,
praying that at the end of this time together we can go back into the world to share Your love, Your hope, Your promise. Amen.

As our time of worship draws to a close,
we prepare to continue our ministry in the world.
As people who believe in truth,
we go out to tell and hear the hard truths of life.
As people who have been forgiven,
we go out to work at forgiving those with whom we live and work.
As people who believe in healing,
We go out to seek reconciliation that heals broken relationships.
As people who trust that we are not alone,
We go out trusting that God: Parent, Child and Spirit, is with us each step of life's road.

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