Saturday, September 20, 2014

For September 28, 2014 -- The Crossing of the Red Sea

God has led us to this place, God will lead us past this place. 
We have been led here to explore what God is doing among us, to find out who God wants us to be 
Come, jump into the River of Life, come and immerse your self in God, come and worship the God who protects and guides us. 
As God flows through us, we greet each other with signs and words of God's peace.

River running in all of us, Spirit of Life, Holy Mystery, 
catch us in your current, make our souls resonate with your roar. 
God who leads us through the desert and into the sea, in this time of worship, 
guide us, pull us forward, open our eyes and ears that we would know your Way. 
In our struggles, in those times when we feel under attack, 
remind us to look around, that you are not asleep or absent, that your protecting love is with us. 
These things we pray in the name and memory of Jesus, the one we call Christ, who taught his friends to pray with words like these...

God, we stand on the edge of the sea and shake with fear. 
Give us the courage, the faith, the trust to step into the water. 
We watch our adversaries washed away, and we sing praises for obviously God is on our side. 
Give us the wisdom to remember that all people are your children, and so you are on their side as well. 
When we fall into tribalism and the politics of division, 
push us to look beyond our self-imposed boundaries. 
When we ask ourselves “whose side is God on”? 
Reminds us that the real question is if we have placed ourselves on your side, if we have aligned our priorities with your priorities. 
God of grace, through your grace, 
Open us to the wondrous breadth of your love. Push us to explore the amazing depth of your presence. Challenge us to share the amazing wideness of your Promise. 
In Christ's name we pray, Amen.

As we continue our pilgrimage through the world, heading for the Kingdom 
We share the prayer “Guide us, lead us Gracious God” 
Where we encounter barrenness and struggle, 
help us be sources of water for growth and comfort that defeats fear. 
River running in all of us, Spirit of Life, Deep Mystery 
walk with us on our journey, show us where the Kingdom is being born. 
Go now in peace, for God is with you always 
Thanks be to God. Amen.

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