Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For December 20, 2015 -- Advent 4

God, our time of waiting draws longer,
we are anxious to hear the song of angels bringing Good News.
As we continue to wait and prepare,
keep our hearts filled with hope,
keep our eyes looking for peace,
keep our actions and words filled with love.
And finally,
overfill our souls with joy, joy that spreads to all we meet.
These things we pray in the name of the Baby whose birth draws nigh, who later will teach us to pray saying...

God of Joy, as the days grow shorter, as the night grows longer,
we become so aware of the darkness that threatens to overtake the world.
We read our papers, we listen to the radio, we turn on our computers,
and we wonder how we could possibly sing songs of Joy this year.
If ever there was a time when we needed you to break into the world,
it is now.
If ever there was a time we needed to hear the angels words,
it is now.
If ever there was a time we needed to join Mary in her song of hope and joy, defiance and power,
It is now.
Awaken in us the possibilities of Christmas, awaken in us the defiance of Mary, awaken in us the vision of how the world could—no, how the world WILL be.
And through your grace we can again sing of joy. Amen.

In just a few days it will happen.
The baby will be born.
Angels will sing.
The Starlight of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy will drive away the shadows.
We go now to finish getting ready.
To shop and wrap and bake and cook.
We go now to make room in our hearts,
for Emmanuel, God-With-Us to be born anew.
We go to share the Good News that is for all people, with the world around us.
A child is coming, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. Glory to God in the Highest!
And on Earth Peace. Amen.

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