Saturday, March 9, 2019

Call to Worship & Commissioning for Lent 2019 (Practices of the Church)

In this season of Lent, of preparation for Easter
we gather to reflect on our faith story and our faith practices.
God has invited us to this place
where we open ourselves to God’s presence
As people of faith, we are people of relationship
sharing our hopes and joys, triumphs and struggles with each other and with God.
Gathered as a community, we open our worship by greeting each other with signs and words of Christ’s peace...

The God who has called us together,
now sends us out to put our faith in action.
The God who asks us to follow the path of Jesus.
challenges us to share God’s word of hope and love with all we meet
The God who lives with us in relationship,
is with us now and always as we live and serve.
Go with God: Parent, Child, and Spirit; Three-in-One and One-in-Three

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