Monday, June 23, 2008

For June 29, 2008 -- Proper 8, 7th After Pentecost

God who numbers the hairs on our head,
we come into your presence to sing and worship.
God of life, and that in abundance,
we come to hear again how you would have us live.
Gracious God, in this time together,
fill us with hope, awaken in us the possibilities of your Way, and send us out renewed in purpose for speaking your Truth and sharing your Love. Amen.

God, you call us to a daring and radical discipleship,
but often we would rather take a safe and popular road.
You call us to be ready to risk being unpopular, causing dissension among our family and friends,
and we confess that we prefer to tone down your Word for the sake of peacefulness.
You call us to share boldly the promise and possibility of faithful living
But we confess that we are afraid of what the consequences of such boldness might be.
…time of silent prayer…
Over and over again God tells us not to be afraid. Over and over again God reminds us that there is a path to New Life. God calls us back to that path no matter how often we turn aside. We are a forgiven people!
Thanks be to God! Amen.

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