Monday, June 23, 2008

From June 26, 2005 -- Proper 8, 6th AfterPentecost

This comes from the archives since we aren't dealing with the Genesis story this year. A Confession Prayer based on the sacrifice of Isaac:
Abraham was willing to sacrifice his Beloved Son Isaac,
And we give thanks that we no longer sacrifice human beings.
But then we think of those who are let fall through the cracks. We remember the ones who are left homeless so that our taxes stop going up. We remember the ones who are underpaid for their labour so we can have cheaper products. And somewhat chastened we say:
Well at least we don’t sacrifice our own children.
Or do we? For then we think of our reluctance to change how the world operates, a reluctance which degrades the natural world our children will inherit. And we think of those parents whose dreams for their children drives them to push so hard for academic, athletic, or artistic success that the desires of the child get lost. And thoroughly chastened we say:
Thank you God, that you do not require such sacrifice.
And in so saying we ignore the sacrifices that are asked, preferring the known to the unknown, the old to the new, the comfortable to the risky. And so we say:
God, help us to know what sacrifices to make, and not to make.
(time of silent prayer)
Here then is Good News. Rather than condemning us for the sacrifices that we do and don’t make God keeps calling us back. We are forgiven and restored. We have another chance to live in God’s Way.
Thanks be to God who is Love. Hallelujah! Amen.

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Mike Williams said...

Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate you offering your work to the wider church. It is a huge help for all us fellow parish ministers out there.