Monday, October 27, 2008

For November 2, 2008 -- Proper 26, 25th After Pentecost

In the midst of the storms of life we hear it.
God calls us to faith.
As the waters rise we hear it again.
God calls us to fellowship.
When the flood threatens to overwhelm us we hear it again.
God calls us to gather in prayer and praise. Let us worship together…

God of floods and droughts, God of abundance and plenty, God of hope and promise, once again we gather for worship. In this time of prayer, and singing, and reflection move among us. Stir in our hearts the courage to move forward when the way is hard. Stir in our souls the ability to trust in your promise. We pray in Jesus’ name as we sing together the words he taught to his friends…

Offering Prayer
Gracious God, we have received so much. Here and now we offer some of what we have to help the world around us wade through the floods that assail us. May the gifts we give be tools that build bridges to new life. Amen.

God, often in life the road seems hopelessly blocked.
the river of hardship floods and we despair of being able to cross.
In those times when we stare at the raging waters and give up, give us courage.
Lead us to take those first steps into the deluge, help us wade into the waters of life.
In those times when no amount of coaxing will let us get our feet wet, when the fear of being washed away overwhelms our will to go forward,
forgive our reluctance, strengthen our courage, we pray.
…time of silent prayer…
No matter what torrents flood our paths God is there. God offers forgiveness and strength as we wade out into the flood.
Thanks be to God. Hallelujah!

The road lies before us; we just need to cross the river.
The river is broad but God will help us to cross.
And on the other side lies our hope and our promise.
When we cross the river we will share the gifts of God: love, life, and laughter with all we meet on the far side.
So go, Wade in the Water, trusting that God our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer wades with you.
Thanks be to the wading God. Amen.


Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I really like your dialogue from last year's advent candle lighting. I"m moving to a new call the 2nd week of advent. If We use your stuff, how can I give you credit? with many thanks..

Gord said...

Just naming that it was written by Gord Waldie would be more than enough. If you wanted more you could also mention that I am from Atikokan Ontario.