Friday, October 30, 2009

For the Last 4 Sundays of Ordinary TIme 2009

Creating and re-creating God, you have called us together in this place,
move among our gathering, opening our hearts and souls to your presence.
We have come here to be refreshed and renewed,
so that we can go from here as lights to the world.
In our time of worship this morning,
awaken in us a vision of what is possible in the world.
We pray in the name and memory of Jesus who taught his friends to pray together with these words…

God, you have called us to be forward-looking people of vision,
and we confess that it is tempting to look backwards to the “Golden Age”.
You challenge us to work for the creation of a new world filled with justice and hope for all,
and we confess that we let our own definitions of justice cloud our sight of your Vision.
For all those times when our blindness or short-sightedness have led us away from the path to the New World,
forgive us and challenge us to repent and turn a new direction.
…time of silent prayer…
God is ever-gracious, ever-loving, and ever-hopeful. Out of Grace God is ever-forgiving. We are indeed a forgiven people.
Thanks be to God! Amen,

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