Monday, October 5, 2009

For Thanksgiving (and the rest of October)

Gift-giver, it is the time of year to gather in the produce of the earth.
And so we give thanks for the gifts of food.
It is the time of year when we admire the bright colours of the season.
And so we pause to give thanks for the beauty of the earth.
In our time of worship this morning,
Move within and among us, awakening us to Your presence, moving our hearts to respond to your grace.

Gracious Creator, you have given us so much,
but too often we take those gifts for granted, or as something to which we are entitled.
You call us to live in caring community,
but too often we place our wants and needs first, with those of others a distant second.
You call us to share Your gifts with the world around us,
but we are worried that there may not be enough, and our worrying gets in the way of our sharing.
For all the times when we mistreat and misuse Your gifts, for all the times we assume that we get what we have by ourselves,
forgive us and lead us back to the path of wisdom.
…time of silent prayer…
God is a gracious giver. God is gracious in forgiveness. God calls us to new patterns and new life.
We are a forgiven people! Thanks be to God! Amen

As our time our worship concludes, our time of service begins.
We return to our living and working amidst a world of need
As you go from this place, carry with you the knowledge that you are recipients of God’s gifts.
As we go, we vow to share those gifts with the world around us.
And may God walk with you as you travel life’s road. Amen.

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