Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayer for and Assurance of Grace

God of Easter, in the Resurrection you invite us to embrace death and new life.
But we are afraid of the uncertainties in that cycle.
God of Pentecost, you fill us with Spirit and ignite a flame of hope in our hearts.
And we hesitate, unsure how to handle that wind and heat.
God of Grace, you challenge us to live in such a way that the world is transformed by our lives.
But in the end we are hesitant to take risks, we are unclear where You are calling us to go.
God of Love, you have commanded us to live love to neighbours, enemies, friends and family.
For those times when we have left the Love out of our actions forgive us and strengthen us to choose differently next time...
...time of silent prayer...
The God of the Empty Tomb, the God of Pentecost's wind and fire, the God who calls us to be more than we are, is a God of Grace and Mercy. Where we miss the mark God offers forgiveness and helps us find the wisdom to learn and grow in faith.
Thanks be to God! Hallelujah! Amen

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