Monday, May 27, 2013

Prayer for & Assurance of Grace

Singer-God, you call us to join in the song of life,
but we are unsure of the melody, or convinced we can't carry a tune in a bucket.
Sometimes you call us to carry the melody, sometimes to harmonize,
and sometimes our inability to harmonize or blend results in cacophony and dis-chord
And sometimes you call us to stop and listen and appreciate the music,
but in our busy-ness we are sure we have no time to “waste” with such things.
God of classical symphonies, of chest-thumping power rock, of twanging steel guitars...
help us to appreciate the music of Life, Your music, however it comes to our ears.
God of old-time Gospel, God of new-fangled praise songs, God of monastic chant, for the times when we don't hear or enjoy or sing Your music because it doesn't match our expectations or understanding of what that music should be:
forgive us, open our ears, help us to sing...
...time of silence...
The Singer calls us to sing joyfully. The Song-writer gives us the tune and challenges us to give it our all. Even when we hit a sour note from time to time, the tune continues and we keep singing.
Thanks be to God! Hallelujah!

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