Tuesday, September 3, 2013

For September 8, 2013 Proper 18C

God of beginnings, in this season of beginnings,
open us up to new possibilities, new learnings, new friendships.
In this time of worship,
fill our hearts with vision, fill our souls with hope.
In the midst of this community,
call us forward to be the people you would have us be,
move us to change the world around us in big and small ways.
This we pray in the name of Jesus, who taught his friends to pray saying...

As our time of worship concludes...
we return to the world where we live and serve.
As a people who learn and teach...
we go out to learn and share how God is active in the world around us.
As people endowed with a mission...
we go out to be the hands and feet of God in a world of need
May God go with you to guide, to strengthen, to challenge.
Each step of the way.

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