Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For November 10, 2013 -- Service theme "Key to Serenity"

God of community, we gather together as a community of faith and support,
seeking to hold each other in love, seeking to grow in faith and hope.
God of life, we come as people who wrestle with the uncertainties of life,
seeking the power to change some things, the courage to accept others, the wisdom to know which is which.
God of the table, we come as people who hunger and thirst for many things,
seeking to be fed in body and spirit, so that we can go out to feed others.
We pray as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Christ, who calls us to share the Good News with the world.

God challenges us to find a path to peace and serenity in life.
We go to find and follow that path.
God challenges us to share what we have found with others.
We go to let others know that serenity and peace are possible.
God challenges us to proclaim the Good News in our words and actions.
We go to remind ourselves and our neighbours that we are loved, that God is with us.
Go with God:
Parent, Child, and Spirit. Amen.

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