Monday, October 21, 2013

For October 27, 2013 -- Reformation Sunday

God of Grace, you show us a vision of how life, the church, the world could be.
But we are unsure we can take on the discomfort of change, the anxiety of being re-formed, to make the vision a reality.
God of Love, you strive to write the law of love and life on our hearts.
But like Pharaoh we harden our hearts, secure in our own understandings.
God of Hope, you promise that beyond the time of disorder and raggedness there will be a new spring of promise and fruitfulness, a new heaven and a new earth.
But the raggedness unsettles our need for order, so we try to keep things neat and tidy, even if it means staying in a place that is not as comfortable as it once was.
Alpha and Omega, God of the Past, Present and Future, God who calls us to live out of what was, in what is and into what will be,
help us to be faithful in order and disorder, in old ways and in new ways, grant us the grace and wisdom to trust that in being reformed we can be made healthier members of healthier communities.
...time of silent prayer...
God is Gracious, Loving and Hope-filled. God walks with us in times of change and times of stability. God does not hold our mis-steps, mis-trust and wanderings against us but continues to write love on our hearts as God continues to make all things new.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

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