Thursday, December 4, 2014

For December 21, 2014 -- Advent 4

As people of love, we gather for worship.
We continue to walk the road to Bethlehem and a baby in a manger
Here we learn about Joseph and Mary, and the surprise God had for them.
Here we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, God's love put into flesh.
As we gather to celebrate we share the love of God with friend and stranger as we exchange words and signs of God's peace...

God of love,
the world cries out for love, for a love that will never let go.
God of love,
in this time together, open our eyes and hearts to see the power and possibilities of love.
God of love,
and then send us back out, refreshed and renewed, to spread love and joy, hope and peace this Christmas season.
We pray in the name of Jesus, Love Incarnate, whose birth is imminent, and who taught us to pray saying...

The time is near. The birth is just days away!
We enter the last stages of preparing for Christmas.
Joseph and Mary were surprised by how God chose to break into their world.
In the middle of the Christmas hustle we will keep our eyes open for God to surprise us too.
As we go out into the world of white and red and green,
we go listening for angel song, we go ready to share the Good News that a baby is born.
And may the God of Christmas Love go with you.
God Bless us, Every One. Amen.

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