Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For December 7, 2014 -- Advent 2

(For those following the Narrative Lectionary this week we are actually using the Isaiah reading set for Advent 3)

As people of peace, we gather for worship
Here we take a few more steps along the road leading to a manger in Bethlehem
As servants who follow the Servant,
we come to sing and pray and listen, we come to be renewed in our worship together.
As those who both serve and are served, we greet our fellow servants with words and signs of God's amazing peace...

God of peace,
we live in a world where peace is most often noted by its absence.
God of peace,
we come to this place in search of the peace that passes understanding.
God of peace,
in our worship today remind us of the one who brings sight to the blind and releases us from our captivity.
God of peace,
fill us with peace, that we would carry peace to the world around us. Amen.

God of peace that flows through justice,
we know that justice is too often absent in our world, and so peace becomes just a word.
In this season of preparation,
help us remember that Jesus was born into a broken world, and yet proclaimed that it would be mended.
As those who follow Jesus,
help us share the light with the nations.
And for those times when we add to the broken-ness and darkness of the world,
in your grace correct us and steer us back to the path of wisdom.
...time of silent prayer...
People look East, the time is near! Love the Lord is on the way! Into this world of pain and injustice comes the Prince of Peace, the Servant who binds up the broken and proclaims the forgiving love of God. WE are forgiven, we are given sight, we are released from captivity. This is news of great joy for all people!
Glory to God in the highest! Amen.

As our worship ends we return to a world that is also preparing for Christmas
shopping and wrapping and baking and planning.
We return to the world where we live and serve,
pledging to share the Peace of Christ, the promise of healing justice with a hurting world.
Go with God, to share the song of the Angels “Peace on Earth and Good will to All”.
God is with us, born in our midst. Glory to God! Alleluia!

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