Monday, November 3, 2014

For November 9, 2014 -- What Does The Lord Require of Us?

Children of God gather in the presence of God!
Here we sit with friend and stranger, here we meet God anew.
As we gather we greet each other with the Peace of God, which passes all understanding.

God of life, God of Peace, God of Hope; we gather on this Remembrance Sunday,
praying for peace in a world riven by violence, praying for justice in a world torn apart by inequality.
We remember the millions who have killed and been killed for causes and nations,
and we echo the prayer “Never Again”.
In this time of worship,
reveal to us again a vision of a different way to live together, move us to a new attitude and a new set of priorities, create in us a burning passion for justice and righteousness.
And then send us back into the world,
to live the life of love in action, to feed and clothe and welcome, to be people of kindness, justice, and humility.
These things we pray in the name of Jesus, who showed us the path to the Kingdom, and who taught us to pray saying...

God we join the voices of ages crying out:
What does the Lord require of us?
Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly with God
But what should we DO?
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned
Oh. Well we can do that. At least we think so.
God calls us to live love, God calls us to share love, God calls us to build a world where justice rolls down like waters and peace like an ever-flowing stream.
We want to do that. But sometimes it is hard to know what to do.
And so God we ask:
Grant us the wisdom and humility to open our ears to hear your voice. Lead us in the ways of love. Guide us to make decisions that build justice and kindness in the world.
...time of silent prayer...
The God who spoke through Micah, the God we meet in Jesus of Nazareth, is guiding us always, prodding us to follow the path of wisdom, coaxing us to live and act in love for the greatest and the least of our neighbours.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

As our time of worship comes to a close,
we continue our living as people of faith.
Just outside our doors lies the mission field
the place where we share our hopes, our vision, where we pass on the love of God.
Go therefore, looking for the face of Christ in all you meet.
And may everyone we meet see the face and love of Christ in us.

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