Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For December 14, 2014 -- Advent 3, Pageant Sunday

As people of joy, we gather together for worship.
Continuing along the road that leads to a manger in Bethlehem.
As we travel along the road we share the story.
Today we hear it from a different perspective.
But still the story fills us with joy.
And so our hearts are lifted as on the wings of eagles.
As we gather to hear the story and sing the carols, we greet each other with the Peace of Christ, whose Birth we await...

God of joy,
here we bring our sorrows and our fears, those things that threaten to rob our lives of joy.
God of joy,
here we lay our burdens in your hands.
God of joy,
in this time of worship play the melody of joy in our souls, that we would join the birds in song.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the child whose birth is drawing nigh, and who taught his friends to pray saying...

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