Thursday, September 17, 2015

For October 4, 2015 (using Week 3 Year 2 readings from the Narative Lectionary)

We are called to be the church
to celebrate God's presence.
We have responded to the call
and so we gather together in worship
As we gather we turn to our neighbours, our family of faith, and exchange Christ's Peace

God who calls us to be a community of faith,
a community that strives for justice and struggles to understand how you would have us live.
We come to this place,
to worship, to be renewed, to be challenged,
to be sent out,
to live your Way of Love and Hope, to make a difference in the world.
And in so doing to proclaim the Gospel of the crucified and risen Christ

God, grant us the courage,
to send all others across the stream and stay alone in the wild to confront our fears and our demons.
God grant us the courage,
to wrestle and strive and to not let go.
God grant us the courage,
to name our own failings, to grow stronger through our weaknesses.
God grant us the courage,
to wrestle with you, to struggle with your Word, to discern where your mission intersects with our lives.
God grant us the courage,
to laugh, to live, to love. Amen.

Our time of worship draws to a close.
We have gathered at the table of faith, we have listened for God's voice.
Our time of service continues.
We live and work and serve in the world around us.
Go to the world, go into every place.
We go to share God's love and hope. We go to live as people of the Way.
Go with God: Parent, Child, and Spirit , who is with us always.
We are not alone. Thanks be to God.

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