Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For September 13, 2015 -- Garden of God

God of life, in the beginning, you gave us a garden.
Where the tree of life grew. Where we were invited to live in community with you and all creation.
In the end, in the midst of the New Jerusalem, there will be a garden.
Where the tree of life will grow. Where the river of life will flow. Where we are welcomed back into paradise.
In between we search for the garden.
Looking for signs of paradise in a world where paradise sometimes seems far from real.
Gardener God,
In grace lead us to find the gardens in our lives, reveal where paradise lies waiting to be found.
And when that seems impossible,
remind us of another garden,
where your grace and power were revealed in the face of death and disaster,
where resurrection returned paradise to the world.
Gracious God, reveal your grace and power and life to us
throughout our lives. Amen.

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