Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer for Peace...for November 6, 2016 -- Remembrance Sunday

God who calls us to love our neighbours, our friends, and our enemies,
we try, or we want to try, but such love is difficult.
God who calls us to be citizens of one shared Kingdom before we are citizens of any other nation,
we struggle, knowing that in our hearts we are a tribal species, looking after our own first.
God whose Kingdom is marked by the reign of peace and justice,
God whose children live in many cities, under many flags, across many bitter divides,
help us break down the walls of enmity, help us see each other as beloved sisters, brothers, and neighbours.
And as we work and wait and pray for peace,
help us live out the commandment to love as you love,
help us see beyond the boundaries of our own tribes,
help us proclaim the Good News of your mercy and the promise of your Kingdom to the whole world around us. Amen.

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