Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For December 22, 2013 -- Advent 4

We gather just after the shortest day of the year,
in the season of darkness we come seeking the light.
We gather to prepare for a birth that is just days away,
in the season of coloured lights and carols we come seeking The Light.
We gather in the name of the One who is the Light of the World,
the light that no darkness can overcome.
Come, let us worship, come, let us prepare ourselves for the Christ light to flood our lives....

Dawn is breaking, the darkness fades.
The Light is coming into the world.
Though we may walk in darkness, real or symbolic.
The Light is coming into the world.
We go out to celebrate the child, the son, that has been unto us.
We go out to share the Light.
We go with God, who was in the beginning, who is in the present, who will be in the future.
The Light that no darkness can overcome. Amen.

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