Monday, December 2, 2013

For December 8, 2013 -- 2nd of Advent

Outside the snow is deep, and underneath the ground is frozen.
Inside the tree lights glow, and the fellowship warms our hearts
In the middle of the winter, when the world seems to be asleep,
we come together to celebrate life that comes in surprising ways and places.
Come and worship, come and worship, worship God who brings us life.

(Uses lines from O God of Life)
God of life who wills new life to be.
Sometimes our world does a better job of showing us disasters than new life springing forth.
Through love created; born a child.
In this Christmas season we await the birth of a child, but also we look for signs of hope, peace, joy and love.
God of power, whose Spirit you have sent,
flowing through the water of baptism, coursing through the blood in our veins.
As we prepare for the coming child, fill us with your wisdom.
So that we can be aware of the life that never goes away.
AS we celebrate the gift of life in baptism,
may we be surprised by life in new and unexpected places.
And may we live in hope, for where there is life...
there is hope. Amen.

As we leave this time of worship,
we go from the warmth of the indoors into the winter wonderland that surrounds us
As we continue to prepare for the Christmas festival,
we keep our eyes and ears open for the signs of new life that surround us.
We echo the ancient cry:
Come Emmanuel, Come God-With-Us.
May God walk with you as we prepare for the first cry of a newborn in a stable.

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